Aim & Objectives

Aims and Objectives of FIRA

To work for implementation of Art. 51AH of Indian Constitution and for its fundamental rights except Art. (30)

(i) to promote and to bring about co-operation amongst and co-ordination of the activities of like minded voluntary organizations devoted to free thought, secularism, ratinalism, atheism, women’s emancipation, eradication of blind faith and fanaticism, promotion of scientific temper, secular education and social reforms etc.

(ii) to develop amity, unity and awareness among the like minded rationalist movements and associations 

(iii) to work for peace, understanding, friendship and co-operation among the people 

(iv) to stand in support of all those affected by all forms of social and economic exploitation, unemployment, bad working and living conditions, as well as ill health, ignorance and illiteracy.

(v) to promote social justice, democratic values and the rule of law by denouncing authoritarian terrorism and arbitrariness in human relations

(vi) to encourage personal excellence, promptness, precision and other higher qualities of life in all human endeavors 

(vii) to propagate the ideal that all the human beings born free everywhere and shall have equal dignity and equal rights, without any discrimination based on language, religion, caste, race, or political opinion, nationality, property, berth etc.

(viii) to educate people that all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of law